Monday, 4 July 2011


Sam (far left) and Tin (second from right) with beautiful French students

Today, my son Sam and Jan Akkerman's nemesis, our most dear friend Tin, went to Cheltenham to offer some free hugs!

As Secretary of our village's Parochial Church Council, I felt it was my duty to report this activity (done on behalf of God, who couldn't be there in person, and who asked us to represent him by proxy), at our meeting tonight.  I am uncertain as to whether it will be minuted or not.  

In fact, the reason I told the Council was that I had been extremely moved by our vicar's monthly letter in our parish magazine.

In concluding his letter, Reverend Woodger wrote:

"... if we want to find God, we do not have to look far; he is all around us, in everything, but never closer than in the people he has given us to love."

Gorgeous, huh?

See the slideshow, set to Michael Jackson's beautiful "Heal the World", that Sam made this evening.  

We hope you enjoy it, and that it might inspire you to do the same!

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